Day: March 6, 2016

How To Register A Business, A Partnership And A Company In Nigeria

Do you have dreams of starting up your own company; with a marketable name of your choice? Are you tired of being duped over registration of your company? Do you want to expand your company? Are you losing customers because your business name is being imitated?  If your answer to this is YES, then you are good to take this self-help guide. A guide to protecting you and your business outfit, aid your loan and fund accessibility in financial institutions, hype your profile for contract bids, ground your locus standi in litigations and equip you with enormous rights.

A Guide On How To Register A Church And An Association

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND says a cliché; no wonder man will always need man to survive perfectly. Man is a rational being that needs the calculated aid of his follow beings to perfect his environment and achieve desirable varying goals. Consequently man and his brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, associates, colleagues, mates, well-wishers and neighbours often do come together to form and cement a common platform and frontier to protect and project their own interest and belief and that of their community at large. Such formations often give rise to several cultural associations, religious bodies, clubs, social association, educational bodies, sporting association and charitable bodies (NGOs). Unlike in the past days of military regime, today the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides safeguards and promotes our inalienable Right to Associate, in Nigeria.