Safest Means Of Purchasing Rural Land

More than 75% percent of the earth is covered by water bodies while 25%is land. One of the essential needs of man is Shelter. Man is not coldblooded hence he needs land to put up his living. The oldest and best investment has remained real estate investment. No wonder in 1974, Ray Kroc, the founder of “McDonald’s” told listeners that his real business is not the sale of hamburger rather real estate. In Africa aside the economical and sociological importance of land and property on it; it is a visible sign of self accomplishment, and success.


No man is an island, we all need one another to live together and actualize our dreams. At one point or another one has to agree with others to achieve his goals. This brings to mind the need for an agreement. An agreement is an understanding between persons to do or not to do certain […]

Rights of a Tenant In Nigeria.

Rights of a Tenant In Nigeria.

Just as the human fingers vary, so do human status, situations and endeavours vary. At different times, locations and situations in life you are either a tenant or a landlord or even both. You may be the owner of your residence while you are a tenant in your office complex. They can never be a tenant without a landlord. For more on landlords rights and duties, read my article; RIGHTS OF A LANDLORD. Due to the African undue attachment to land and landed property so much attention and superiority is added to the status of “Landlordship”. This makes up for the ill treatment the so called landlords do met out to their often poor tenants. 

Rights of a Landlord In Nigeria.

Rights of a Landlord In Nigeria

Firstly, in Nigeria all lands are vested on the thirty-six Governors of the States of the Federation as guaranteed in our conservative and over-due for amendment; Land Use Act of 1978. Consequently, the Governors hold the whole land in trust for the people except those owned by Federal Government and its agencies. Owing to the above fact, a Governor can only grant a Rights of Occupancy for a certain period of time. To quickly understand this subject matter, please read my article; RIGHTS OF A TENANT.

Registration of Trademarks in Nigeria.

Registration of trademarks in Nigeria.



Over time in business and life generally, individuals, partnerships, corporations, organisations and companies have developed, designed, created, coined, formed and used certain distinctive names, logos, crests, flags, badges, symbols, signs, patterns, formations, processes and drawings to differentiate themselves from others; owing and using same exclusively. In today’s world, a circled letter “Y” is owned  by Mercedes, GMC is owned by General Motors Corporation, LEX10® is owned by Lex10 Law Technologies, HP® is owned by Hewlett-Packard Company , Closeup® is owned by Unilever Nigeria Plc, MR.BIGG’S®  and GALA® is owned by UAC foods Plc and Blackberry® is owned by Research in Motion etc. All those are names, logos and products used in business by their respective owners to the exclusion of all other persons and companies in the parts of the world, where they are registered.  To retain customers and clients, create a renowned brand and fight piracy, registration of trademarks becomes very necessary.