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Call for Legal Awareness Articles in English or Pidgin Languages.

Call for Legal Awareness Articles in English or Pidgin Languages.

Call for Legal Awareness Articles in English or Pidgin Languages. The Sabi Law Foundation calls for the submission of legal awareness articles for free publication. No subscription fee, submission fee or any fee is required! Lawyers, non-lawyers and also students are encouraged to submit their works. Interested writers may send their works to The Sabi …

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Registration of trademarks in Nigeria.

Registration of Trademarks in Nigeria.



Over time in business and life generally, individuals, partnerships, corporations, organisations and companies have developed, designed, created, coined, formed and used certain distinctive names, logos, crests, flags, badges, symbols, signs, patterns, formations, processes and drawings to differentiate themselves from others; owing and using same exclusively. In today’s world, a circled letter “Y” is owned  by Mercedes, GMC is owned by General Motors Corporation, LEX10® is owned by Lex10 Law Technologies, HP® is owned by Hewlett-Packard Company , Closeup® is owned by Unilever Nigeria Plc, MR.BIGG’S®  and GALA® is owned by UAC foods Plc and Blackberry® is owned by Research in Motion etc. All those are names, logos and products used in business by their respective owners to the exclusion of all other persons and companies in the parts of the world, where they are registered.  To retain customers and clients, create a renowned brand and fight piracy, registration of trademarks becomes very necessary.

Legal Protection Of Illiterates In Nigeria

An illiterate is a person who cannot read, write or understand a particular document. God forbids that a man knows all things; nevertheless may he know where to find them all. Life is unequal and offers unequal opportunity, wisdom, grace, career, knowledge, vision, height, sight, brains and might. Not all human beings are literate, educated, tutored, schooledand learned but all must relate with one another; at work, church, market, contracts, transactions, deals, agreements and fellowship.

Tips On Recovery Of Debt


As far as there is live there must be creditors and debtors; although the occupation of such status may not be static. Everything in life is about sustaining life, itself. The basic needs of man and his wants have given rise to business and work; henceinter human relationship. At different times, places and circumstances people owe themselves. What is owed is called debt, while the person owing is called Debtor and the person owed is a creditor. Most times debtors forget their pretentious innocence and plea rather refuse to pay back their debts. Hence, creditors engage self-help, voodoo, law enforcement agents and diabolic means in a bid to regain their hard earn wealth; it is often frustrating and wasteful. Theall encompassing Nigerian law and jurisprudence has provided expeditious, reliable and legal means of recovering debts with ease and not infringing on the inalienable human rights of debtors. This paper will help you know what is really a debt, how to safeguard and recover a debt.

How To Register A Business, A Partnership And A Company In Nigeria

Do you have dreams of starting up your own company; with a marketable name of your choice? Are you tired of being duped over registration of your company? Do you want to expand your company? Are you losing customers because your business name is being imitated?  If your answer to this is YES, then you are good to take this self-help guide. A guide to protecting you and your business outfit, aid your loan and fund accessibility in financial institutions, hype your profile for contract bids, ground your locus standi in litigations and equip you with enormous rights.

A Guide On How To Register A Church And An Association

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND says a cliché; no wonder man will always need man to survive perfectly. Man is a rational being that needs the calculated aid of his follow beings to perfect his environment and achieve desirable varying goals. Consequently man and his brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, associates, colleagues, mates, well-wishers and neighbours often do come together to form and cement a common platform and frontier to protect and project their own interest and belief and that of their community at large. Such formations often give rise to several cultural associations, religious bodies, clubs, social association, educational bodies, sporting association and charitable bodies (NGOs). Unlike in the past days of military regime, today the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides safeguards and promotes our inalienable Right to Associate, in Nigeria.