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Federal Road Safety Commission (Commission) and the Federal Road Safety Corps (Corps) are both creations of the Federal Government of Nigeria since 1988 through Federal Road Safety Commission Act of 1988 (now repealed/replaced by the Federal Road Safety Commission Act of 2007).

The Commission is created as a corporate body that can own property, have a common seal, sue and be sued. It has the responsibility of making policies and appointing suitable persons as (i) Deputy Corps Marshals; (ii) Assistant Corps Marshals; (iii) Corps Commanders; (iv) Deputy Corps Commanders; (v) Assistant Corps Commanders; (vi) Chief Route Commanders; (vii) Superintendent Route Commanders; (viii) Route Commanders; (ix) Deputy Route Commanders; or (x) Assistant Route Commanders. It makes regulations for the operations and conducts of Federal Road Service Corps (Corps) as well as use of roads, vehicles and general conducts of road users. The Commission comprises of a Chairman and five (5) other persons appointed by the President of Nigeria as well as the Corps Marshal of Federal Road Safety Corps.

The Corps is a body of uniformed and un-uniformed members, established for the Commission and being managed by the Commission. The Corps is the operational tool of the Commission, which the Commission uses to execute and enforce its policies across Nigeria. The Corps are the uniformed and un-uniformed “Federal Road Safety” staff that you find on the roads performing road traffic and road saftey duties assigned to them by the Commission. The members of the Corps are; (a) Deputy Corps Marshal (DCM);(b) Assistant Corps Marshal (ACM) (c) Corps Commander (CC) (d) Deputy Corps Commander (DCC); (e) Assistant Corps Commander (ACC); (f) Chief Route Commander (CRC) ;(g) Superintendent Route Commander (SRC) ; (h) Route Commander (RC) ; (i) Deputy Route Commander (DRC) ; (j) Assistant Route Commander (ARC); (k) Chief Road Marshal (CRM) ; (l) Deputy Chief Road Marshal (DCRM) ; (m) Assistant Chief Road Marshal (ACRM) ; (n) Principal Road Marshal (PRM); (o) Senior Road Marshal (SRM) ; (p) Road Marshal 1 (RMI) ; (q) Road Marshal II (RMII); (r) Chief Road Marshal Assistant (CRMA); (s) Senior Road Marshal Assistant (SRMA) ; (t) Road Marshal Assistant (RMA I) ;(u) Road Marshal Assistant (RMA II) and (v) Road Marshal Assistant (RMA III). The Chief Executive Officer of the Corps is the Chief Marshal.

My authorities are sections 1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 29 and 31 of the Federal Road Safety Commission Act of 2007.


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