HOW TO RECOVER PROPERTY OF THE DEAD IN NIGERIA. (A legal guide on Probate Matters in Nigeria)

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 When a person dies his property devolves on his/her survivors (in this order; wife/husband, children, father, mother, brothers, sisters, uncles and nephews) except where there is a written WILL.  The law has provided a yardstick for determining which of the survivors would benefit first and procedures for taking ownership of the property of a deceased. This protects the interest of the survivors from the greedy claws of relatives and gold diggers. This article is to guide you on how to obtain legal right over the property (lands, shares, houses, stores, parks, cars, jewelleries, businesses, machines, insurance, pension/death benefit and money in bank, etc ) of a deceased (dead parent(s), child, sibling, relatives, friends and debtors etc).  Property of a dead person can only be recovered through obtaining a Grant of Probate or a Letter of Administration or a strict adherence to non repugnant customs. This publication is better titled; “A Legal Guide on Probate and Administration of Estates”.  To appreciate this publication, please read my earlier publication tiled; “HOW TO WRITE YOUR WILL”.


Even in hell there is order, so is in taking over the property of a dead; there are laid down procedures. In every death, there must be either of these two; a deceased who died with a WILL (testate) or a deceased who died without a WILL (intestate). In either cases there are laid down steps to recovering property of such a dead person. The steps will be treated below under two different headings; “Where there is a valid WILL” and “Where there is no valid WILL”.


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