by Onyekachi Umah,Esq.
(Tip 124)
“It Is Not a Crime to Be a Debtor In Nigeria”.

Being a debtor is not a Crime in Nigeria and Debt is not an offence in any part of Nigeria. Even failure to pay debt after such was demanded is also not an offence so far as there is no intention to defraud or commit an offence. No security agency including Nigeria Police, EFCC, State Security Services, Nigeria Army and vigilante groups has right to intervene, arrest, harass or detain a debtor or order repayment of debt. You recover debt by engaging a lawyer.

My authority: Section 2 of Criminal Code Act and section 4 of Penal Code Act.


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As far as there is live there must be creditors and debtors; although the occupation of such status may not be static. Everything in life is about sustaining life, itself. The basic needs of man and his wants have given rise to business and work; henceinter human relationship. At different times, places and circumstances people owe themselves. What is owed is called debt, while the person owing is called Debtor and the person owed is a creditor. Most times debtors forget their pretentious innocence and plea rather refuse to pay back their debts. Hence, creditors engage self-help, voodoo, law enforcement agents and diabolic means in a bid to regain their hard earn wealth; it is often frustrating and wasteful. Theall encompassing Nigerian law and jurisprudence has provided expeditious, reliable and legal means of recovering debts with ease and not infringing on the inalienable human rights of debtors. This paper will help you know what is really a debt, how to safeguard and recover a debt.

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