How To Be Legally Married

How To Be Legally Married

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Courtship is not marriage neither is a loose partnership of opposite sex marriage. Living together and making of babies doesn’t connote marriage. Hear this, going to a church and being declared “man and woman” without an earlier strict observance of legal marriage requirements is no marriage in the eyes of law.

A Guide On How To Register A Church And An Association

NO MAN IS AN ISLAND says a cliché; no wonder man will always need man to survive perfectly. Man is a rational being that needs the calculated aid of his follow beings to perfect his environment and achieve desirable varying goals. Consequently man and his brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, associates, colleagues, mates, well-wishers and neighbours often do come together to form and cement a common platform and frontier to protect and project their own interest and belief and that of their community at large. Such formations often give rise to several cultural associations, religious bodies, clubs, social association, educational bodies, sporting association and charitable bodies (NGOs). Unlike in the past days of military regime, today the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria provides safeguards and promotes our inalienable Right to Associate, in Nigeria.

Bounced Or Dud Cheque And Its Legal Consequence In Nigeria

In our traditional Nigerian banking system, cheque books are only offered to current account owners who are in turn charged on transaction. The present advancement in banking has invoked the offering of savings account with cheque books and quasi-cheque books with limited features and acceptability.