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Tenancy is not alienation, assignment or sale of ownership from landlord to his tenant rather it is the leasing, renting, giving of some certain term, period, tenancy or lease to a tenant. It does not matter if such was done for a price called rent or not. Consequently, the all time ownership of a property rests on the landlord who only gives right to a tenant to occupy same. Hence, a landlord has a right to enter upon his lent property at will. Yes, it is his property for life against his tenant; once a landlord always a landlord!

A landlord is equipped with this right in law to afford him the opportunity to supervise and monitor his property to avoid unnecessary damage in the hands of destructive tenants. A landlord needs to know what goes on his property to make sure tenants abide by their binding tenancy agreement. Squel to this right, some smart tenant would demand the landlord to sign in their tenancy agreement that he would only enter upon the property in the day time and not at odd hours of the night. Well that is okay. Besides, landlords need to respect tenants’ fundamental human right to private and family life as enshrined in the constitution. Landlords should not result to self-help, like breaking tenant’s door, loosening tenant’s doors, windows and roof, beating tenants or locking them up in their flats or rooms in order to forcefully gain access or recover rent or possession. For any of above acts, a tenant can sue the hell out such a landlord, both in civil and criminal law.       


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